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Kids Art Shuffle

Young artists engage in art making through creative projects that stimulate imagination and help develop important art techniques and skills. Students learn drawing, painting and sculpture through subject matter that is fun and engaging.

Focus on Making

Focus on Making is for students interested in exploring a wide range of sculpture and three dimensional art media, including sculpting in clay, wire, plaster, paper-mache as well as other tangible art media such as collage and printmaking.

Built for Young Creative Minds - GRADES K-2


One River's Kids Art classes are built around our unique, project-based curriculum that celebrates artists and techniques from the last 50 years.  It is built for young creative minds and our instructors are hand selected with the skills and sensibility to get the most out of our students.  Our method teaches across all media and makes learning art fun while producing ambitious artistic / educational outcomes across a wide array of materials, subject matter and complexity.

Flexible Schedule
Classes for all ages offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening with no long term commitment

Inspiring Curriculum

Unique lessons designed around contemporary art & innovative techniques

All Materials Included

Fully immerse yourself in our curriculum using all of the professional artist materials included with your class

State-of-the-Art Facility
State-of-the-art studios, digital suite and all materials, supplies, and software provided

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