Angela Shin

Angela Shin attended Drew University and graduated with a double major in studio art and art history, with a concentration in drawing. After a year of teaching, she entered Montclair State University’s graduate Art Education program. Angela Shin has taught in various school settings throughout Newark, Elizabeth, and Montclair, New Jersey. Her teaching experiences range across age group, across drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media.
Ms. Shin has explored and studied the visual arts in school and community settings, and continues to develop a broad-based career in visual arts and visual arts related fields, including teaching, gallery and studio work.

Zoe Milah
Assistant Director

Zoe Milah DeJesus is a graduate from Rutgers University. She received her Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts and Communication. During her time in college she was very involved in performing arts, theatre production and student films. In addition, she took on several marketing and public relations internships for organizations like Refinery29 and the NewFest LGBT Film Festival in NYC.

Zoe enjoys writing, acting, making music and is a visual artist. Her lifelong personal interest in art making is what led her to One River School. She has always had a creative mind and strongly believes in the importance of art education and having a community where artists of all ages can collaborate and learn.

Yasmine Abdellah
Art Instructor

My artistic process examines aspects of history, ephemera, tangibility and space. I chose to be an art educator because I value the impact that art has on our lives, and how enriched and meaningful our lives become from both making and appreciating art. Each person sees the world differently, and I encourage my students to celebrate this individuality.

Michael DeBrito
Art Instructor

I enjoy painting but always love to explore new mediums and push my work in new directions. Teaching has been my way of giving back my knowledge and experience. What I enjoy most about One River School is that it allows students to explore their creativity while being amongst others who share the same passion and interests.


Raul Barcelona
Filmmaking Instructor

As a filmmaker and a digital artist my international background has been instrumental in developing a vigorous and entertaining filmmaking style that exhibits my keen appreciation for political, cultural and social diversity.


Nicole Cohen
Art Instructor

Nicole is a video artist with a background in painting and drawing. Her focus is the history of interiors. She inserts performers into vintage interior design magazines and works with perspective and color. She received her MFA from the University of Southern California and her BA from Hampshire College. She has been teaching for over 15 years.

Krishna Chavda
Digital Art Instructor

Krishna Chavda is an illustrator and surface print designer.  She creates illustrations and patterns for print, web, apparel, stationery and more. Her work calls upon the inner child and humorist inside us all; the one who dwells in a whimsical world where fish can paint and steaks have feelings.

Krishna holds a B.A. from Drew University where she studied fine art and art history and earned her M.F.A. in illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design.  She has worked in-house for various apparel companies, taught drawing and design at the college-level, and has been published by Fordham University, University of Amsterdam, Food Network Magazine, and Time Out New York.


Jessica Manley
Digital Art Instructor

As a photographer and an art educator I hope to encourage students to view everyday life as an ongoing artistic process and to question and discover the endless possibilities of art. A major theme in my teaching strategy is life experiences. Being a part of The One River School is incredibly inspirational. I think each individual can bring something new and profound to the art world.


Liam Eisenberg
Digital art instructor

Liam Eisenberg is a multi media artist from Fort Lee, New Jersey. He recently graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration and Animation and is currently pursuing an MFA in Illustration at School of Visual Arts in NYC.

While growing up, art, design, and music were always around him. He would go on to soak up inspiration from Rap album covers, cartoons, manga, New York Times illustrations, current events, sports logos, and even his parents’ taste in music and movies. What drew him to One River was the wide array of digital and traditional art classes offered to people of all ages, where teachers are able to give individualized attention to each student and watch them flourish in a short time.

“I always emphasize to my students the importance of finding inspiration in their day-to-day lives. Look around you, pay attention to colors, details, and conversations. You never know what will spark your next work of art.”


Corianne Darienzo
Art instructor

One River combines my love for teaching and my love for art into one.  I am inspired by children’s innocence and creativity, and I hope to inspire them in return.  I believe it is important to facilitate a child’s creative imagination and provide an environment where students with a common interest in art can discuss their ideas.

Corianne will soon graduate from Montclair State University with a B.F.A. in Illustration/Animation.


Willa hut
Art instructor

Willa Hut graduated from Dickinson College with a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Art History, and a minor in Philosophy. She is a painter and collage artist who has taught art in diverse settings including museums, a high school in Rome, and now One River School. Willa has always enjoyed working with children and in community settings. As president of Dickinson’s Arts Collective, she organized art workshops, juried exhibitions, visiting artist lectures, and service projects for the college and greater community. She has experienced firsthand the power of art to enrich communities, first as a student and more recently as a resident of South Orange, NJ where she is active in cultural events.

Willa enthusiastically supports One River’s mission to bring quality art education to suburbs nationwide. As a studio art instructor, she has observed how hands-on artistic projects feed creative impulses in children and offer an important emotional outlet for teens; and she enjoys facilitating these exploratory processes for her students. 

Career Opportunities for Artist, Educators and Art Lovers

Career opportunities at One River School allow passionate artists, educators and lovers of art to share their love and knowledge of art and enhance the lives of people they connect with everyday.

Together we can transform communities by opening our space and sharing what we do for all who are interested. We work hard, laugh a lot, have fun and make people feel good.

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