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Becky Yazdan

one river Englewood

About the artist

Artist Statement: "Each of my paintings tells a story. They are based on things I see, read about, and watch on TV, as well as memories of events, feelings and colors – the pink of my favorite childhood bathing suit, the first time I told a lie. Color, form and pattern combine to become conversations, expressions, and events. When I paint I try to find the balance between intuition and intellect, so that the process of painting becomes an active dialogue with the phenomena of nature. By not dictating the end result I am receptive to a deeper understanding of the world around me. The paintings are like dreams – the events of the day reorganized and combined with other events and memories until a new, often surprising, reality has taken shape."
Becky Yazdan Photo


Scream, 48x42 inches, oil on linen on panel, 2018

Becky Yazdan
Oil on Linen on Panel 2018

Exhibition Opening

Opening Reception
February 9, 2019 - 2:30PM

Join us for an artist talk and meet the artist, Becky Yazdan and founder of One River School, Matt Ross. Light refreshments will be served.

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